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"Healing for the Arts"

Burbank, CA

J.D. Mina
Original Kiln-Fired Glass

I stumbled across this fantastic medium of glass while doing ceramics about 24 years ago. Wow! What a challenge to get a good shape, a strong design composition, and to fire a piece without it bubbling or cracking.

My background in Architecture and Design, and my persistence, have brought me to this point so far. I love the challenge and there is always more to learn.

IT'S ALL GLASS: No paints! Each piece is cut or bent into shape and layered onto the other glass. Then it's fused in a kiln up to 1450 degrees, then taken out of the kiln, placed over a mold, and put back in the kiln to be slumped at 1300 degrees. Did you get that?


"My art creates a balance to the everyday discipline of the chaotic business world in which I thrive. There are no limits and no restrictions. Just contemporary, three-dimensional, functional art."


Copyright © 2000-2006 J.D. Mina, all rights reserved
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